You've got to go out, but your suit has a stain.

When you bring it to us, it will look new again.

Comforter and drape cleaning

It seems like everything happens at the last minute. The phone rings and it's an invitation to an important, formal affair. You've only got 24 hours notice and have to make sure your suit is absolutely spotless. As luck would have it, it isn't. It's still stained from the last time you wore it. You'll have to take it to the dry cleaners, but your car is in the shop. What are you going to do?

McRae's Cleaners' handy services will “suit” you just fine.

When you call us at McRae's Cleaners, not only do you get same day dry cleaning services, but we also offer pick up and delivery to our clients. You'll be the hit of that formal event because your suit will be spotless, and you'll be completely stress-free after taking advantage of our convenient services. Call the dry cleaning company that suits to a T, call us at McRae's Cleaners.

Call (208) 342-0538 for dry cleaners that pick up and deliver.

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We accept Visa and MasterCard.

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